Katie Barrantes

Katie is a fan of Arkansas.  She grew up in South Arkansas, attended school at Harding University in Central Arkansas for her undergrad degree in psychology and the majority of her master's degree in clinical mental health counseling.  She then made her way up to NW Arkansas with her husband to finish school, work, live, and play.  She enjoys biking, crafting, learning, travelling, and a host of other things.  As a new LAC, she is ready to be a support in your journey toward growth and healing and looks forward to working with you, including learning from and alongside you.  She seeks to create a comfortable and safe place for her clients to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and desires.  Along with other techniques, she is a fan of using cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients step out of dysfunctional cycles that keep them stuck in behavior patterns that don't serve them well.  She would like to infusion her sessions with creative processes.  She is open to working with individuals of any age